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Justine combines positive psychology and 25 years of global experience to support individuals and families through life’s biggest transitions

Change is a constant in life and transitions are an inevitable part of our journey in life.   Some transitions are thoughtfully planned, while others are unexpected and may be as a result of circumstances outside of your control.  Not all transitions are welcomed.  However, Justine views all transitions as an opportunity for growth and realignment.  She understands the unique barriers and opportunities for somebody in this position, and is able to provide support for people during, after or approaching transition.


“Change is situational.  Transition, on the other hand, is psychological.  It is not those events, but rather the inner reorientation or self-redefinition that you have to go through in order to incorporate any of those changes into your life.  Without a transition, a change is just a rearrangement of the furniture.  Unless transition happens, the change won’t work, because it doesn’t take.” – William Bridges, 1933 to 2013

Justine provides coaching and counselling to individuals, families and partners all over the world. Past clients have come from America, Australia, Africa, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Middle East, New Zealand and Thailand.

By planning ahead, talking through any anxieties or uncertainties you have, you’ll be better equipped to move through your transition and turn your focus to what you can control.

Justine’s work is underpinned by positive psychology. Along with her personal transitions and years of coaching, Justine is able to help clients move beyond functioning, identify and leverage their strengths to flourish in times of change.


When there’s a choice between comfort or courage, Justine helps her clients to choose courage. In the case of repatriation, Justine helps you mentally ‘unpack your bags’ and embrace the change.

Positive Psychology underpins Justine’s approach to Counselling and Coaching

Amongst other evidence-based approaches including solution-focused coaches, Justine focuses heavily on the principles of Positive Psychology.  This includes an emphasis on personal strengths and elicitation of positive emotions.  The question is asked that if in the absence of illness, does that mean we have wellness.  Just because a person is going through the motions and coping, does not mean that they are flourishing.

Positive psychology can complement a traditional psychology approach.  Whilst traditional psychology focuses on a deficit model of “What is wrong with you?”, positive psychology focuses on a strengths-based approach of “What is right with you?”.  This approach moves people beyond just coping, to flourishing.

“Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC) is a scientifically-rooted approach to helping clients increase well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance, and achieve valued goals. At the core of PPC is a belief in the power of science to elucidate the best [methods for development].” – Kauffman, Boniwell, and Silberman (2010).


Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” – Brené Brown


Justine “walks the talk”. Her expertise in helping clients transition well also stems from personal experience. Justine not only transitioned in her career, from Business to Psychology and then to Coaching, but also in the challenge of embracing Asian culture — opposite to the one she was born into. She spent 25 years abroad, have lived in major cities including Japan, Hong Kong and China and travelled extensively with her family.


In this TedxTalk, Justine explores the concept of moving beyond a state of just coping to a place of optimal functioning using the principles of positive psychology.

“Unlike a conventional therapist who listens to clients’ problems and guides them to answers and clarity within their sessions, Justine truly is invested in her clients’ growth over long periods of time, and she shows her efforts through real-time action…. She would put in the time and effort to actively guide me through my journey, and be along every step of the way. It is this distinction between therapist and coach that truly sets Justine apart.”

– Client from Hong Kong

“What I really appreciate about her approach is that all solutions and guidance come with a deep understanding of our backgrounds, our needs and every family’s independent way of functioning and its unique influences.

I have instilled immense faith in her as I find it it’s not just a superficial understanding of any of our needs. It came with a very customized approach even it required her to dive deeper and invest to explore something new. As a coach, she has a great sense of navigating through different cultures and their influences on our way of thinking.”

– Client from Hong Kong

“I’ve noticed that she goes the extra mile in investing time beyond her sessions with the client to understand other aspects that could contribute to their well-being. For example, prior to my session, I noticed that Justine had done some background work to understand my lifestyle and culture in India which further enhanced the depth of our sessions and the takeaway for me.”

– Client living between India, Hong Kong and America

Take the first steps towards courage

Justine offers one-to-one online to clients around the world and in-person coaching for clients in Brisbane, Australia.

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